Academic Course Materials

School Teaching Level Course Year(s)
Stanford University Medical School Genomics and Personalized Medicine 2010, 2011
James Cook University Medical Intro to Integrated Medical Studies 2010
B.Y.U Undergraduate Biology 468 2011
Nevada State University Undergraduate Principles of Genetics 2011
George Washington Medical Fundamentals of Genomics 2011
Penn State Undergraduate Genes in Human Biology Behavior
Molecular Anthropology
University of Arizona Undergraduate Future in Psychology: Genetics & other trends 2011
George Washington University Medical School Personalized Genomic: An exploration into the heritable elements of disease 2011, 2012
University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Pharmacy Pharmacogenomics 2010
University of Wisconsin-Madison Undergraduate Genomic and Proteomic Analysis 2011, 2012
Duke University Undergraduate Gateway to Biology: Genetics and Evolution 2011
Cornell University Undergraduate Personal Genomics and Medicine 2011
North Carolina State University Undergraduate Evolutionary Biology 2011
University of Michigan Undergraduate Introduction to Genetics 2011, 2012
Kent Graduate Institute Phamacology Personal Genomics and Health 2012
University of Illinois Undergraduate Human Evolutionary Genetics 2012
Academic University, St Petersburg, Russia Undergraduate Applied Technologies in Genomics and Proteomics II 2012
Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry, Canada Medical School Pharmacology 2012
University of North Carolina Graduate Embryology and Genetics of the Peripheral Auditory System 2012
University of Iowa Undergraduate Personal Genetics in Health, Culture and Ancestry 2012
Stanford University Undergraduate Genomics, Bioinformatics & Medicine 2012
Stanford University Undergraduate Genomics and Medicine 2012
Stanford University Continuing Education Your Genes and Your Health 2011, 2012
UC Santa Cruz Undergraduate Computational Biology Tools 2012
Duke Unversity Undergraduate Applied Genomics and Personalized Medicine in Clinical Care 2012
University of Texas Undergraduate Human Diversity 2012