Which Conditions Are Connected?

Created by Emily Chang, Daniel Reda, Scott Hadly, Antonio Contreras, Alex Carmichael, and Shirley Wu
Constructed with data from the CureTogether database using code from the d3.js gallery.

Do you suffer from asthma as well as allergies? Is your insomnia coupled with chronic pain? It turns out that two (or more) is company when it comes to diseases and symptoms. But which conditions are most strongly connected to each other?

This graph shows connections* between conditions reported by members of CureTogether, a free resource for patients to share information about diseases and treatments. Connections are only shown if they are stronger than would be expected by chance based on how common the two conditions are.

To explore, select a disease on the perimeter. You can also rotate the graph for easier viewing by selecting its center and dragging.

Red lines connect the selected condition to the other conditions someone is most likely to have if they reported having the selected condition. Green lines show the other conditions with which the selected condition is most likely to co-occur. Diseases that do not have unusually strong associations to other diseases are not connected on the graph.

* The data underlying the connections in this graph are relative risks between pairs of diseases and symptoms. Specifically, diseases are connected if CureTogether members reporting the selected disease had a significantly higher chance of also reporting the connected disease, compared with members who reported not having the selected disease. The CureTogether database consists of 4.4 million total data points collected from its nearly 39,000 members.