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Father's Day is June 18. Save $20.

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Gru ordered his kit.
Discover his results.

ancestry composition report

100% Gru

  • 84.0% European
  • 55.7% Freedonian
  • 18.2% Balkan
  • 10.1% Sardinian
  • 9.4% East Asian & Native American
  • 6.8% Native American
  • 2.6% Japanese
  • 6.6% Middle Eastern & North African
  • 6.6% Middle Eastern
deep sleep report

Gru, people with your genetics are not likely to be deep sleepers.

Or it could be the fact that Minions just keep you awake.

muscle composition report

Gru, your genetic muscle composition is common in elite power athletes.

Your fast-twitch muscle fibers likely have the alpha-actinin-3 protein which may help you outrun the authorities.

neanderthal ancestry report

Gru, you have 312 Neanderthal variants.

This is more than 92% of 23andMe customers and 77% of Minions. However, your Neanderthal ancestry accounts for less than 4% of your overall DNA.

genetic weight report

Gru, your genes predispose you to weigh about average.

Keep in mind dance fighting, diamond stealing and your overall activity also have a big impact on your weight.

inheritance tracing tool

Gru, see how you inherited your traits.

  • Very tiny ears
  • Lactose intolerant
  • Elongated villain nose
  • Extreme baldness
male hair loss report

You are very, very, very likely to experience hair loss before the age of 40.

81% of male customers between the ages of 30 and 40 who are genetically similar to you have experienced hair loss.

dna relatives tool

Gru, learn about your genetic relatives like your distant cousins and that long lost brother of yours.

Choose to connect with them and send a message.

Watch Gru's genetic journey

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Watch Gru's genetic journey

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