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scientific standards

Our scientific processes have been designed with the goal of providing our customers with accurate, high-quality data in a format that is easy to understand and interpret. Each step in our workflow is carefully monitored and validated through quality control measures that ensure your data accurately reflects your actual genetic makeup.

Laboratory processing.

Data quality starts with the laboratory that processes your DNA. Our contracted laboratory is licensed by the federal government to perform clinical testing. It uses standardized processes and procedures that ensure highly accurate genetic data.

Development and curation of scientific databases.

23andMe maintains multiple databases containing information culled from thousands of scientific publications on genetic associations, population genetics, statistical methods, and other topics. Our scientific team constantly updates those databases with the latest scientific results to ensure that our tools are up-to-date and linked with your genetic information.

A rigorous review process.

Many genetic associations reported by the mass media are exciting because they are brand new and/or challenge scientific consensus; however, sometimes these findings do not withstand the rigors of scientific replication. That's why 23andMe employs a systematic vetting process to determine which scientific findings to include in our service. We also indicate whether the genetic associations we do include are preliminary or well-established.

Scientific and software innovation.

23andMe is committed to driving the field of genetics forward. To that end, we intend to share with our colleagues many of the new statistical methods and technological innovations we have developed in our effort to deliver accurate and understandable genetic information. Review white papers on our statistical methods.

Expert advice.

Each step of our scientific process is guided by a team of advisors that includes leaders in genetics, clinical medicine, bioinformatics, statistical analysis and computer science.

Scientific progress.

Our content is constantly updated with the latest developments in genetics. This means some of the information you learn from 23andMe may change over time.