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Empowering Everyone to be part of
curing human disease.

Anne Wojcicki

We are empowering customers to participate in research that actually makes a difference. To be a part of curing human disease.

Anne Wojcicki -
CEO & Co-Founder

80%+ of 23andMe customers opt-in
to participate in research.

230+ papers published about our genetic findings, thanks to millions of customers.

But it’s more than just publishing papers. Our first program is now in human clinical trials.

Data helps us move quickly.

We now have 50+ therapeutic programs*.

*As of September 1, 2023. Programs include collaborated, 100% owned and royalty interest targets.

Phase 1/2a Clinical Immuno-oncology 23ME-00610

Phase 1/2a Clinical Immuno-oncology CD96

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A leadership team that cares.

Interested in joining our diverse team of ever-curious scientists, researchers, and many more who share one common goal–to make a difference in people’s lives?

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We do things differently.

Our Commitment to Customers and Patients guide the responsibility and care we exert every day in discovering and developing therapies we hope will benefit you in the future.

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