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Turning discoveries into therapies

Here’s what’s in our Pipeline:

  • Immuno-oncology 23ME-00610*
  • Immuno-oncology CD96**
  • Immuno-oncology 23ME-01473
  • Immuno-oncology***
  • Cardiovascular / Metabolic***
  • Immunology***
  • Neurology***

*Phase 2a portion of Phase 1/2a clinical trial

**In January 2022, 23andMe elected to take a royalty option on immuno-oncology clinical program GSK’608.
As a result, GSK is now solely responsible for the development of GSK’608.

***50+ programs in the combined therapeutic areas. As of September 2023. Programs include collaborated, 100% owned and royalty interest targets.

Our current clinical programs


This 23andMe-owned immuno-oncology program is currently in Phase 2 in patients with advanced solid tumors (NCT05199272).

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GSK'608 (CD96)

This immuno-oncology program with GSK is currently in Phase 1 in patients with advanced solid tumors (NCT04446351).

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