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taking care
of family by taking care of you
meet morgan
How a lifestyle change altered everything.
General Health
23andMe - Ancestry Stories - morgan
23andMe - Ancestry Stories - Gwen
participate in research
to help advance science
meet Gwen
See how she decided to participate in research.
years of questions
answered with 23andMe
meet megan
23andMe results reveals more about you.
Learning about yourself
23andMe - Ancestry Stories - megan
exploring your genetics
and discovering what you share with others
meet Susan
Being social about the science.
23andMe - Ancestry Stories - Susan
Tell Us Your Story
We'd like to hear your personal 23andMe story.
war baby
tracking down his biological father after 70 years
meet paul
See how he solved a decades-old mystery.
23andMe - Ancestry Stories - paul
action over ignorance
being informed to make better health decisions
meet Victoria
Learning her genetic risks helped Victoria make simple changes for her health
23andMe - Ancestry Stories - Victoria
exploring his roots
opening up new doors.
meet desean
His 23andMe results opens a new world of information.
Learning about your family history
23andMe - Ancestry Stories - desean
exploring his DNA
and creating art
meet jason
23andMe results opens a new world of information.
Creating art with your genetic code
23andMe - Ancestry Stories - jason

Results vary due to unique differences in each individual’s DNA. 23andMe’s services do not diagnose disease or illness and are not a substitute for professional medical or diagnostic advice. You should consult with a healthcare professional (such as a doctor or nurse) before making any decisions about your health.

23andMe provides genetic testing services for informational purposes; your results may or may not help you to search for or identify relatives or family members.