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Genetics just got personal.®

These are the stories of 23andMe customers. Your experience may be different since everybody's DNA is unique.

Everyone has a story. It's as unique as your DNA.

Discovering his identity

Alec Newton

The "shifting sands of science"

David Brown

A curious mind wants to know

Elena Falleti

A journey into ancestry

Sally Redfern

DNA testing - a family affair

Tammi Willis / Kim Willis / Gareth Iwan Jones

Thirst for knowledge

Sophie Palmer

Transformed her health

Sabrina Peoples

Triathlete studies his traits

Steve Diffey

Welsh genealogist surprised by her ancestry

Elizabeth Rawlings

Genetics just got personal.®

These are the stories of 23andMe customers. Your experience may be different since everybody's DNA is unique.

"For the first time I knew exactly who I was."

Alec signed up for 23andMe because he was interested in knowing about his health. But his real surprise came from his ancestry findings. Knowing the facts changed his sense of identity and opened him up to new connections - people who share some of his DNA. He enjoys the bonds that are based upon science, not story, and says his 23andMe experience has put a big smile on his face.

"The health reports give you lots of information to ponder."

When David joined 23andMe, he was fascinated by all the scientific implications of DNA testing. He was particularly keen to discover his Neanderthal ancestry and how it fits in with migration patterns throughout Europe and Asia. An academic working in the field of social linguistics, David has made his own migration – traveling from his native South Africa to the UK for work. He continues to review his 23andMe results regularly and finds it gives him interesting perspectives.

"The whole experience was magic!"

Italian Elena Falleti moved to the UK 26 years ago when she first met her husband. She has an inquisitive mind and was first drawn to 23andMe because she wanted to know if she may be at increased risk for certain diseases. What surprised her was how engaging the whole experience was - from the information she learned about herself, to the way that information was delivered. She found some surprises in her ancestry and learned more about her genetic traits and health risks - some which were consistent with her personal experience.

"There's a lot of entertainment value to the experience."

A health scare in the family prompted Sally Redfern to look into genetic testing, as a way to learn more about her own traits and health risks. But what surprised her were her ancestry reports. They launched her on a journey to discover more about her biological father (whom she never knew) and her extended family. She has discovered DNA relatives all over the world and is building an understanding of her family history.

"It's fascinating – so much information, so thorough and fun. Everyone should do it."

Tammi Willis, her sister Kim and brother-in-law Gareth share these traits: intellectual curiosity and a passion for health. So it made sense for all three of them to test their DNA with 23andMe. What did they discover? That yes, Kim and Tammi are full-blooded sisters, even though Kim often wondered if her darker complexion hinted at some exotic ancestry. That no, Gareth does not have a common risk factor for Late-Onset Alzheimer's Disease, even though some family members have the disease. And yes, the grandfather who changed his surname in 1914 may have been the source of Kim and Tammi's Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry.

"It's the scientist in me – I have to know everything!"

When Sophie Palmer's family took her out for a birthday tea and surprised her with the 23andMe kit as a gift, she was nearly in tears. Sophie studies biology and genetics and had wanted to test her own DNA for a long time. She knew the kind of fascinating information that was waiting for her. Sophie discovered a few surprises and some confirmations of genealogy research her grandfather had started. Next she wants to dig into the raw data to learn as much as she can about her genetics.

This data has undergone a general quality review however only a subset of markers have been individually validated for accuracy. The data from 23andMe’s Browse Raw Data feature is suitable only for informational use and not for medical, diagnostic or other use. Consult with a healthcare professional before making any major lifestyle changes.

"This has been life changing!"

Sabrina Peoples battled health issues for years — stomach pain, low energy and a general malaise. It got worse as she got older. She tried 23andMe for the ancestry, not thinking much about the health reports. When she saw she was likely lactose intolerant, she was shocked. She met with her doctor and he did testing to confirm the test result. Right away Sabrina cut out all dairy and she immediately began to feel better. Now she has plenty of energy and feels fantastic.

"This is so bold and so audacious -- and I think it’s for the good of humanity."

As both an athlete and as a professional who studies the metrics of cycling, Steve Diffey takes health and wellness seriously. His 23andMe results, combined with his own knowledge and research, lead to him to make changes to his training regimen. They also help him understand why he excels at shorter sprints. He and his sister have both taken the test and he hopes more family members will soon.

"I am very, very impressed."

Liz Rawlings is an avid genealogist - and has been since she was 14 years old. She became interested in DNA testing as part of a community effort to explore the Flemish roots of her small village in Wales. What she discovered surprised her - instead of the French & German ancestry that she expected, she had a greater percentage of British & Irish ancestry. She even has a dash of Viking DNA, which she thinks might be the source of her daughter's red hair!

*The 23andMe PGS test uses qualitative genotyping to detect select clinically relevant variants in the genomic DNA of adults from saliva for the purpose of reporting and interpreting genetic health risks and reporting carrier status. It is not intended to diagnose any disease. Your ethnicity may affect the relevance of each report and how your genetic health risk results are interpreted. Each genetic health risk report describes if a person has variants associated with a higher risk of developing a disease, but does not describe a person’s overall risk of developing the disease. The test is not intended to tell you anything about your current state of health, or to be used to make medical decisions, including whether or not you should take a medication, how much of a medication you should take, or determine any treatment. Our carrier status reports can be used to determine carrier status, but cannot determine if you have two copies of any genetic variant. These carrier reports are not intended to tell you anything about your risk for developing a disease in the future, the health of your fetus, or your newborn child's risk of developing a particular disease later in life. For certain conditions, we provide a single report that includes information on both carrier status and genetic health risk. Warnings & Limitations: The 23andMe PGS Genetic Health Risk Report for BRCA1/BRCA2 (Selected Variants) is indicated for reporting of the 185delAG and 5382insC variants in the BRCA1 gene and the 6174delT variant in the BRCA2 gene. The report describes if a woman is at increased risk of developing breast and ovarian cancer, and if a man is at increased risk of developing breast cancer or may be at increased risk of developing prostate cancer. The three variants included in this report are most common in people of Ashkenazi Jewish descent and do not represent the majority of BRCA1/BRCA2 variants in the general population. This report does not include variants in other genes linked to hereditary cancers and the absence of variants included in this report does not rule out the presence of other genetic variants that may impact cancer risk. The PGS test is not a substitute for visits to a healthcare professional for recommended screenings or appropriate follow-up. Results should be confirmed in a clinical setting before taking any medical action. For important information and limitations regarding each genetic health risk and carrier status report, visit 23andme.com/test-info/

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