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Skin Pigmentation & Genetics

Whether your skin is brown, olive, or fair, you can thank pigment for the colour of your complexion. But there's more to pigment than meets the eye. Pigment is the body's first line of defence against the sun's ultraviolet rays.

How it works

People with darker skin generally make more eumelanin, a type of black or brown-coloured pigment. Lighter-skinned people tend to make less of this pigment. Scientists generally believe that eumelanin does a better job blocking the sun's UV rays compared to the yellow-red pigment pheomelanin.

The genetic link

Two genes, called SLC45A2 and SLC24A5, are associated with variation in skin colour in people of European and African descent. But there are likely different genetic variants that help explain skin colour variation in people of Asian and Indigenous American descent.

sun and sunscreen

Did you know?

It's important to protect your skin from the sun and to get adequate vitamin D. The lighter your skin is, the more important it is to protect your skin from sun exposure. If you have darker skin and live in areas where there is less sun, you may have more trouble getting enough vitamin D.

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