100% Human

Humanity at a genetic level.

At 23andMe, we know that people are genetically more similar than they are different. 99.5% similar to be exact. We understand that regardless of ethnic background or any other part of our genome that gives us individuality, our DNA unites us all under a common humanity.

That is why today, on World Refugee Day, 23andMe is working with the International Rescue Committee (IRC): an organization devoted to helping displaced people across the world regain control of their now uncertain future.

We pledge to support the IRC's vital efforts for humanity because we believe that everyone deserves a place in the world. We also believe that connecting people at a genetic level could become a real force for positive change.

We value the potential of every human being — standing for their right to a safe, healthy, productive life. Everyone deserves a chance. Everyone deserves respect and compassion.

And while we are unique individuals in our own right, in times like these, it's important to focus on the things we share, and above all else, remember that we are all 100% human.

Anne Wojcicki, CEO
Learn more about the International Rescue Committee.