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The IRS has ruled that up to $189 of a Health plus Ancestry Service purchase may be eligible for reimbursement.diamondLearn about Important Information for FSA/HSA Reimbursement

Here’s how you can submit your 23andMe genetic test for reimbursement through your FSA/HSA.

  1. Step one
    Purchase your Health plus Ancestry kit or Health kit

    Buy, or upgrade to, the Health plus  Ancestry Service or Health Service and save your receipt.

  2. Step two
    Calculate your reimbursement

    Use our calculator and download your supporting documentation.

  3. Step three
    Submit your receipt and claim

    Send your purchase receipt and supporting documentation to your FSA/HSA administrator.

Health plus Ancestry Service

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FSA & HSA Reimbursement FAQs

In general, the Health Service or the Health component of the Health plus Ancestry Service should be eligible as medical care covered by your FSA/HSA benefit. Please visit our FSA/HSA calculator to determine the exact amount that should be eligible.

Based on the IRS ruling, purchases made any time after 2019 may be eligible for FSA/HSA reimbursement. Purchases made prior to January 1, 2019 are not eligible.

If you already have the 23andMe Ancestry Service and upgrade to receive our Health reports today, all of your upgrade fee should be eligible medical care. The simplest way to determine the amount that should be eligible medical care is to use our FSA/HSA calculator.

Hi. Still have questions about FSA/HSA reimbursements? Learn more here(Customer Care).