Genetics: The bridge to
more personalized healthcare.

We’re more equipped than ever to realize the promise of healthcare that is tailored specifically to you. We surveyed both doctors and patients in the U.S. who agree that the time is right to make this concept a reality. A key missing ingredient? Your genetics.

A healthier U.S. is within reach, but we’re not quite there. Yet.


of people in the U.S. don't feel healthy today



of people in the U.S. don’t feel in control of their health

And while patients trust their doctors, there's a gap in the care they want and the care they’re getting.


of patients want advice tailored to them

But only


of patients say that's what they are getting

However, there is a way to help bridge this gap and provide more personalized, trusted care:


Doctors see the opportunity.


of doctors say genetics is an important part of a patient’s complete health picture


of doctors say that genetic testing could help them provide more personalized care



of doctors feel using genetic testing could lead to better outcomes for their patients

Many doctors encounter a clinical case where genetics plays a role at least weekly and believe that more personalized care could help improve patient adherence.

And patients agree.


of patients say they’d be more likely to follow a doctor’s advice if they knew their genetic profile was used to personalize their care

23andMe Health customers are already taking action based on genetic data.


of 23andMe Health customers surveyed took healthy actions after reviewing their genetic health reports

Gina is taking action:

“My oncologist turned and looked at me when he was leaving the room and said ‘23andMe, huh? That test saved your life.’”
GINA BURRIS, 23andMe customer who learned she had a greatly increased risk for breast and ovarian cancer

And so is Peter, a primary care physician:

“The data provided by the 23andMe test is actionable and can help the primary care physician make better decisions.”
PETER SCHWARTZ, MD, a primary care physician and 23andMe customer

23andMe is leading the way.

Anne Wojcicki, 23andMe Co-founder and CEO
“I am excited about a future where genetic information becomes the foundation of personalized health. Since starting the company, 23andMe has been focused on helping our customers – and the world – benefit from genetics-based prevention and treatment.”
ANNE WOJCICKI, 23andMe Co-founder and CEO

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