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ancestry breakdown dna itinerary
11.0% North African & Arabian casablanca, morocco
15.4% Iberian lisbon, portugal
24.6% French & German lourmarin, france
30.4% Italian rome, italy
5.9% Ashkenazi Jewish kraków, poland
2.2% Chinese hángzhōu, china
3.0% Japanese kyoto, japan

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See how your DNA breaks down into percentages by regions around the world - and trace your lineage to 2000+ regions worldwide.

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Everyone has a DNA story. Where will your story take you?

Customers who were inspired to travel based on their 23andMe reports love telling their story!

100% dimitri
100% robin
100% rachel
100% dimitri

Dimitri and his daughters take off on a five-week trip to Greece. 69% Balkan.

As an adoptee, Dimitri did not know much about his ancestry other than that he had a birth certificate from Quebec, Canada. Wanting to tell his daughters more about their ancestral history, he turned to 23andMe and learned that he was 69% Balkan, and that his DNA pointed to a Paternal Haplogroup from Santorini, Greece.

Dimitri and his daughters quickly developed a love for the country with each beautiful island that they visited, and they have decided that they will come back and visit Greece every two years. Dimitri has even taken up learning Greek. "Greek people are the most fantastic," he says, "and my daughters had a revelation. They said, 'We understand, Papa, why you are the way you are!'"

100% robin

Exploring their DNA together, this family was inspired to embark on a DNA adventure around the world.

When Robin's family decided to give each other 23andMe kits for Christmas, they had no idea they were about to depart on a globetrotting adventure. They were simply intrigued by the prospect of exploring each of their ancestries -- Robin, her husband, daughter, son-in-law and 88-year old father.

After they received their 23andMe reports, the family hosted a party to look at their Ancestry Composition reports. It quickly turned into a survey of the world, with Ireland, England, Italy, Germany, Poland and North Africa all represented. Robin likened the experience to discovering her family's generational DNA story. She found out that she is 55% Northwestern European and 45% Eastern European because of her Irish, German and Polish roots, and that her husband was even 1% percent Western Asian and North African.

Exploring their DNA has inspired several members of Robin's family to hit the road (or board an airplane). Robin's daughter and her husband took off on a trip to Germany and Ireland, and Robin and her husband are planning their first trip to Northern Ireland. Travel planning has taken on new meaning since this family embarked on their DNA adventure.

100% rachel

Walking the streets where her DNA came from created a more meaningful trip for Rachel than she had ever expected.

Rachel had been looking for insights into her Norwegian ancestry for years. She knew that her mother was a quarter Norwegian and that her grandparents had emigrated to America in 1915, but she knew very little apart from that.

Then Rachel signed up for 23andMe hoping to discover more about her Norwegian heritage. When she received her results, she headed straight for the DNA Relatives tool to learn more about the locations of her relatives. Rachel and her boyfriend had already planned a trip to France, Stockholm and Norway and were leaving in two weeks. But after connecting with a DNA Relative in Norway, she uncovered a world of information about where in Norway her family used to live.

Rachel and her boyfriend toured France and Stockholm and then excitedly arrived in Oslo, Norway. They drove across the beautiful countryside with California-like weather into Drøbak, a small city where her grandparents, “…and Santa Claus,” she says, were born. They visited her old family home and ended the day watching the sunset in the backyard of her family's house.

100% dimitri
100% robin
100% rachel

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