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years of questions
answered with 23andMe
meet megan
23andMe results reveals more about you.
Learning about yourself
23andMe - Ancestry Stories - megan
23andMe - Ancestry Stories - PJ
family found
after a man's 80 year search
meet PJ
Seeing His Mother's Face for the First Time.
the first chapter
of her history with the help of 23andMe
meet amy
An Adoptee Learns About Her Origins.
23andMe - Ancestry Stories - amy
exploring your genetics
and discovering what you share with others
meet Susan
Being social about the science.
23andMe - Ancestry Stories - Susan
Tell Us Your Story
We'd like to hear your personal 23andMe story.
war baby
tracking down his biological father after 70 years
meet paul
See how he solved a decades-old mystery.
23andMe - Ancestry Stories - paul
meeting for the first time
meet greta and stacy
Together after decades of searching.
A woman finds her sister
23andMe - Ancestry Stories - greta and stacy
23andMe - Ancestry Stories - mike
connected to ancestors
unified by the same struggle for a better life
meet mike
How an ancestral search connected him to the story of all mankind.