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Parkinson's Disease Research Discoveries

In 2009, 23andMe launched a groundbreaking research initiative aimed at understanding how genes and environment influence Parkinson's disease. Below you can see an update on this research and the discoveries we have made. We are thrilled with the progress we've made so far — thanks to everyone that has been part of this revolutionary research!

Coming together to make a difference

10,000 (goal)

5,726 Parkinson's patients
enrolled in the study

One of the world's largest databases
of rare LRRK2 carriers

Participants from 49 states and over
26 countries

Getting to know our community

Over 88% of participants have completed surveys about their health, symptoms, and environment. In total 61,000 surveys have been answered!

  • 22% have early onset Parkinson's
    (before age 50)

  • 33% have a family history
    of Parkinson's

  • 72% have symptoms which improve
    with medication
    each day

What we've accomplished

We have replicated well-established associations between Parkinson's and five other gene mutations:

  • – LRRK2
  • – GBA
  • – SNCA
  • – MAPT
  • – GAK

This gives us confidence that the data we have collected are high quality and validates previous PD research.

We've found two NEW genetic associations with Parkinson's disease.

These associations may further our understanding of the causes of the disease, as well as lead us to potential targets for treatment. These findings have been published in the academic literature and you can see the press release here.