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Music: A Fundamental Component of the Human Experience.

Music is one of the most powerful, ancient, and transcendent parts of being human. It is global in its appeal. It enlightens and enlivens. It reflects culture, captures emotion, and expresses the magic of individuality, even as it enables us to feel profoundly connected to one another. In a similar way, understanding our DNA can illuminate our lives in deep and impactful ways. Music reflects the uniqueness in each of us while simultaneously underlining the history and commonalities we all share.

Listen to Andrea Kelleher's DNA Melody

How does it work?

This lab creates a melody based on several traits that 23andMe reports on. Your melody will differ from another person's depending on your specific genotype (ie. AA, GT, CT, etc.).

The melodies created by this lab are defined by four musical elements:

  • Rhythm

    Rhythm is the duration of time that a note is held.

    In this program, rhythm is derived from traits such as eye color and height.

  • Pitch

    Pitch is a tone whose frequency determines how high or low it sounds.

    The pitches selected are derived from traits such as earwax type and photic sneeze response.

  • Key

    A key is a series of pitches that relate to each other, creating tonal coherence.

    The key of your melody is derived from your maternal haplogroup. Keys that are considered to be closely related (such as C major and G major) have been linked to haplogroups that are geographically similar.

  • Timbre

    Timbre is the unique tone color that distinguishes one instrument from another (ie. the reason a flute sounds different than a trumpet).

    You have the opportunity to make this melody even more personal by choosing the instrument that best suits your interests.

Enjoy the sounds of your DNA.

Reminder: 23andMe uses your Genetic Information at specific locations in your DNA (or "SNPs") to create your Music File. Because the Music Files are based on the same SNPs for each individual, someone with a similar Music File could infer other portions of your Genetic Information by comparing their Music File to yours.