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23andMe Sarcoma Community: A Patient-Driven Revolution in Sarcoma Research

Thank you for helping us reach our goal – 1,000 People Revolutionizing Sarcoma Research Together.

There is strength in numbers.

23andMe wants to put the power to make a change in the hands of the patient community.

Enrollment for this project is now closed. If you would like more information about the 23andMe Sarcoma Research Community or if you are interested in being contacted about any future enrollment opportunities, please email

Beat Sarcoma Sarcoma Alliance SFA
Sarcoma UK ACOR

23andMe hosts Sarcoma Community Night of Education and Support

More videos from the Sarcoma Community Event

Dr. Robert Maki, MD, PhD

"There are clues that there are factors in our DNA that can contribute to the development of sarcomas of bone and soft tissues, but we still don't understand them very well. Now, through the novel 23andMe Sarcoma Community initiative, patients can take direct action to help make strides against their disease."

Dr. Robert Maki, MD, PhD
Sarcoma Medical Oncologist

Bruce Feiler, Best Selling Author of The Council of Dads

"I am thrilled to partner with 23andMe to begin a pioneering effort to use cutting-edge technology to make a major breakthrough in the fight against bone cancer."

Bruce Feiler, Best Selling Author of The Council of Dads

"I love the fact that this research project puts patients and survivors in the driver's seat. An online approach is a great fit for our scattered community and allows for participation that is unheard of in studies into rare cancers."

Nathalie Criou, BeatSarcoma Founder and President, has been collaborating with 23andMe to promote the Sarcoma Research Community.

For more information about this research, contact or browse our FAQs.