Watch the cast and
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Bring your ancestry to life through your DNA.

Get a personalized analysis of your DNA and discover your ancestral roots and your family story.

  • A breakdown of your ancestry – by percentages
  • Regions and countries where your ancestors lived
  • Maternal and paternal line reports
  • A tool to help you find DNA relatives all over the world

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Watch the cast and creators of Roots discover their ancestry with 23andMe!

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Ethnic Composition

Where in the world are you from?

Find out where your DNA comes from around the world. Your DNA can tell you where your ancestors lived more than 500 years ago. See a percentage breakdown by region, including East Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa, Europe and more. We look at 31 distinct populations worldwide, and we will continue to refine your results as our database grows.

Ethnic Composition

Diversity matters.

23andMe is committed to diversity in genetic research. Learn more.

"I thought I was coming from one place and found out I'm coming from someplace else."

Find DNA Relatives

Find DNA relatives across the globe or across the street.

Find people who share your DNA and ancestors. Explore matches that range from close family to distant relatives and make new connections. Shed new light on your family story by discovering a new relative nearby or somewhere around the world. You can always choose to opt in or out of this feature.

The difference is in our DNA

Some of our most innovative ancestry features that let you drill down into the details:

  • Inheritance Tracing: Trace how certain populations were passed down through different generations – which is more interesting if you have family members in the database
  • Ancestry percentages to the 0.1%: We provide estimates of your ancestry percentages down to the 0.1%, and we also give you the option to explore results with different confidence levels
  • Chromosome breakdown of ancestry: See which pieces of your DNA come from 31 populations worldwide
  • Compare DNA Relatives' segments: In the DNA Relatives tool, see overlapping chromosome segments between you and your matches and compare them with up to 5 other matches at a time to help you triangulate new relatives for your family tree

PLUS 65 reports about health, wellness and traits

Ancestry Map

Map your ancestry.
Go further back.

Discover the origins of your maternal (your mother's mother's mother's) and paternal (your father's father's father's) ancestors and how they moved around the world over thousands of years.

We report on your maternal and paternal lineage by identifying your haplogroups. A haplogroup can trace part of your ancestry back to a specific group of individuals in the distant past.

Information for women
More about results for women
Ancestry Map
Neanderthal DNA
Neanderthal DNA

Everyone's a little Neanderthal.

Even though Neanderthals vanished about 40,000 years ago, their DNA lives on in us. Research tells us that they interbred with humans around 60,000 years ago.

23andMe can tell you how much of your DNA is derived from Neanderthals and how that compares to others. We can even point to specific Neanderthal DNA that is associated with traits that you might have – like height and back hair.

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