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Map your global origins with the most complete coverage of your DNA.

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Your DNA reflects the complexity of human history.

Where in Africa or Europe did your ancestors live?

If you're African-American, 23andMe can tell you approximately what fraction of your ancestors were African, and what fraction were European. If you're of European descent, we can pinpoint what populations your DNA is most similar to.

Does your DNA show Native American ancestry?

Using a technique called Ancestry Painting, 23andMe can determine whether you have any Native American ancestors within the past five generations.

Multiple insights into your family origins.

With numerous ways of looking at your genetic legacy, 23andMe can help you narrow down your family origins. Get a broad picture of your genetic ancestry and an in-depth comparison to over 50 populations around the world.

Your continental origins revealed.

Your unique Ancestry Painting reveals where your ancestors lived hundreds of years ago. See your history reflected in each piece of your chromosomes.

Compare your DNA to populations around the world.

Using Global Similarity to discover which populations around the globe are most genetically similar to you, from Spanish Basques to the Mayan people.