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DNA Relatives connects you with 23andMe members who share DNA and ancestors with you.

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A revolutionary new way to build your family tree

Reach all branches of your family tree.

Until now, DNA genealogy tests could only tell you about a small part of your family tree, because they only used the Y chromosome and mitochondria. By including autosomal DNA, DNA Relatives can find relatives on any branch of your tree.

Anyone from close family to distant cousins.

As a 23andMe member, you will likely find over 100 relatives, depending on your ancestry. Members of European descent might find several hundred relatives. If you have Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry, you might find well over a thousand relatives. Watch the video: Just what is a 5th cousin?

See who you've been missing

DNA Relatives lets you find all the other 23andMe members who match your DNA. Browse and make contact anonymously—send up to five introductions per day. Any information shared is up to you. Explore your matches to learn more about how you relate. Look for common relatives or find out who was your shared ancestor.

Dive into the details

You can use DNA Relatives' advanced controls to sort by category. Easily organize your results by your predicted relationship or by how much DNA you share.