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Back Hair & Genetics

Whenever summer rolls around, some men prefer to hit the waxing salon, while others prefer to rock their full back hair. Whether body hair graces your shoulder blades or your skin is bare, your genetic code helps determine what type of hair you grow—and when and where you grow it.

How it works

Our hair follicles produce one hair at a time. As hair cells grow from the bottom of the follicle, proteins like keratin help connect and build the cells to form a strand.

The genetic link

23andMe researchers found 17 genetic variants that are associated with back hair. But scientists are still investigating exactly why certain patterns of hair growth occur in some people but not others.

Hair follicles

Did you know?

Humans have about 5 million hair follicles, but our body hair is mostly fine, short, and often too tiny to see. Scientists believe our relative hairlessness evolved as our ancient ancestors moved to hotter climates. Less hair made it easier for the human body to stay cool on long, hot days and especially while hunting.

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