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Privacy is in our DNA

Everyone deserves a secure, private place to explore and understand their genetics. At 23andMe, we put you in control of deciding what information you want to learn and what information you want to share.

See our privacy statement for more info.

Five key ways we ensure your privacy

The information presented here is meant to be a general guide to our privacy and security practices. For specific details about our practices, see our privacy statement, terms of service, research consent document, sample storage consent document and frequently asked questions.

We're committed to complying with the EU's new data protection law, referred to as the GDPR. Visit our GDPR page to learn about our data protection approach.

Please contact us at privacy@23andMe.com if you have questions.


1. Meaningful Choice

23andMe gives you control over your genetic information. We want you to decide how your information is used and with whom it is shared.

Learn about your choices

2. Privacy by design

We take great care to design our product with privacy in mind. And we think it is important for you to understand how we handle your information. Below is an overview of the information we collect, how it is used and when it is disclosed.

Learn what we do with your information

3. Third Party Sharing

We will not sell, lease or rent your individual-level information to any third party or to a third party for research purposes without your explicit consent. However, we do use and share aggregate information with third parties in order to perform business development, initiate research, send you marketing emails and improve our services.

Aggregate information has been stripped of your personal details (e.g., your name and contact information) and aggregated with the information of others so that you cannot reasonably be identified as an individual.

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4. Security

23andMe believes genetic information, as well as the systems put in place to protect it, deserve the highest level of security.

23andMe employs software, hardware and physical security measures to protect the computers where customer data is stored. We use robust authentication methods to access our systems. Personal information and genetic data are stored in physically separate computing environments, which is in line with the industry standards for security.

It is important to note 23andMe cannot protect your information if you share it with others. In addition, despite using the most current technical and industry guidelines for protection of your information, it is never possible to fully guarantee against breaches in security.

Please help us by submitting any issues or vulnerabilities with the 23andme.com website, product experience or applications.

Learn more about our security practices

5. Research participation

23andMe offers customers the opportunity to participate in a new way of conducting research (at home and online). Participating in our research is completely voluntary. Customers can choose not to consent to research, and choosing not to participate will not impact their 23andMe experience.

Learn more about research

If you have any questions about the ways in which we use or disclose your aggregate or individual-level information, feel free to email us at privacy@23andMe.com. You can always reference our privacy statement, our terms of service and our research consent document for more specific details.

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