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Learn about how genetics can tell the story of your ancestry and how you're connected to populations around the world.

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Understanding Ancestry Features

Through your DNA, you can discover more about your ancestry with 23andMe’s Ancestry Reports. Your customized results provide clues about the geographic origins and possible migrations of your ancestors over hundreds — even thousands — of years. 

Your Ancestry Composition Report compares your DNA to the DNA of 45 reference populations around the globe. When a section of your DNA closely matches the DNA of a reference population, we assign that ancestry to you. These results are then summarized to you as percentages. 

23andMe Ancestry Reports and features give you the most comprehensive ancestry breakdown on the market, with up to 80+ personalized reports, coverage of more than 2000 geographic regions, and ancestry percentages to the 0.1%. 

That’s not all! You can also see a timeline of your ancestry going back over eight generations, and with your Chromosome Painting, you can see a visual representation of where your different ancestries are found through your genome.

Complementing your personalized 23andMe Ancestry Reports is a suite of tools that allow you to discover and connect with thousands of your genetic relatives. This includes a comprehensive list of your 23andMe DNA relatives (if you opt in to this feature) and a Family Tree feature that automatically starts a family tree for you based on the DNA you share with your relatives.