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23andMe plus saliva collection Kit with example reports Pharmacogenetics and Heart Health. Pharmacogenetics report displays genetic variants that may influence how you process medications. Example results include: CYP2C19 Drug Metabolism likely normal metabolizer, DPYD Drug Metabolism likely normal metabolizer, and SLCO1B1 Drug Transport likely normal function. Heart Health report displays how your DNA insights can help you care for your heart. Example results include: Atrial Fibrillation typical likelihood, Coronary Artery Disease typical likelihood.

23andMe plus SM Gift Membership

For the one who’s never done being healthy.

Give them an annual membership that includes 10+ exclusive reports & features throughout the year.double dagger

  • Includes everything from our Health plus Ancestry kit
  • PLUS access to exclusive reports that help them learn about their heart health, how you process certain medications, migraine, and more
  • Enhanced ancestry features
  • Learn more
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Health plus Ancestry kit
one year prepaid membership
double dagger10+ reports and features will be added annually January to December.
23andMe Health plus Ancestry saliva collection Kit with example reports Type 2 Diabetes and Muscle Composition. Type 2 Diabetes report displays your example result: Your genetics are associated with a typical likelihood. Muscle Composition report displays your example result: Your genetic composition is common in elite power athletes.

Health plus Ancestry Service

For the one who wants personalized insights into their health.

Give them essential DNA insights into their health like type 2 diabetes and muscle composition.

  • Includes everything from our Ancestry plus Traits kit
  • Plus 60+ health reports and features
  • Includes FDA-authorized reports
  • Learn more
23andMe Ancestry plus Traits saliva collection Kit with example reports Ancestry Composition and DNA Relatives. Ancestry Composition report displays example percentages for East Asian and Indigenous American, Chinese and Southeast Asian, Vietnamese, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, plus 1 region, Indonesian, Thai, Khmer, and Myanma. DNA Relatives report displays example relatives: 51 total relatives, Sarah Li - 4th Cousin - Father’s Side in Albany, Peter Froster - 4th Cousin - Mother’s side.

Ancestry plus Traits Service

For the one who wants to dive deep into their ancestry.

Give them a comprehensive portrait of where in the world their DNA is from.

  • 80+ personalized reports
  • Ancestry percentages (to the 0.1%)
  • 2000+ geographic regions
  • Health upgrade available
  • Learn more

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FeatureAncestry + Traits ServiceHealth + Ancestry Service
Ancestry plus Traits Service
Health plus Ancestry Service
Total reports80+150+
Ancestry Reportsincludedincluded
Family Treeincludedincluded
DNA Relative Finder
Trait reports
Health Predisposition reports*
not includedincluded
Carrier Status reports*
not includedincluded
Wellness reports
not includedincluded
Family Health History Tree
not includedincluded
Pharmacogenetics reports**
not includednot included
Enhanced ancestry features
not includednot included
Ongoing new reports and features
not includednot included

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