what are phenotypes?

Observable Traits are the Result of Gene and Environment Interactions

Your observable traits, also known as your phenotypes, result from interactions between your genes and the environment. Differences in some phenotypes, like height, are determined mostly by genes. If you have short parents and grandparents, you probably don't tower over your peers, though environmental factors like a healthy diet might give you a little lift. The influence of genes on other traits, such as your personality, is less well understood.

SNPs Can Affect Your Phenotype

Every day, scientists are learning more and more about how aspects of your DNA, especially SNPs, affect your phenotype. Some SNPs have been linked to health issues. Others have been linked to fun and interesting things you might never have even considered - such as whether you like Brussels sprouts or what kind of earwax you have.

You Can Learn About Over Half a Million SNPs All at Once

Learning about your DNA can help you to understand a little better why you are the way you are, and in what ways you're similar to or different from your family, friends, and neighbors. Scientists can now analyze hundreds of thousands of SNPs in your genome. 23andMe can help you interpret your genetic information and understand how your DNA makes you uniquely you